Five Reasons To Kick Out A Tenant

If you are a property owner in Phoenix, sooner or later you might have to deal with the difficulty of tenant eviction. Nonetheless, a Phoenix eviction lawyer to help you through the process. Keep scanning to discover some of the legitimate grounds to eject a tenant.


Evading payment of rent

Perhaps, the primary reason why tenants get a lease termination followed by an ouster is the non-payment of rent. Some folks don’t want to realize that if they cannot afford to pay they cannot live on your property. Inferior tenants want to enjoy the help provided by your property without giving rent and when you ask them why they are not paying they become more rebellious and aggressive. Most judges or courts will rule in your favor and will never allow a non-paying tenant to remain on your property.


Lease breach

Next, most tenants get evicted for violating a lease requirement. For instance, some tenants want to have pets while none are allowed, bring unapproved inhabitants or extended guests, unapproved subletting, inappropriate use, annoyance complaints just to mention a few. You better evict tenants that violate the lease agreement to avoid judicial and liability horrors.


Property destruction

The chances are that you must have heard about the unimaginable accounts of tenant damage. Unluckily, a significant fraction of tenant damage is accidental. It is a result of lack of common sense. For example, a tenant might want to install a 5000-gallon hot tub on the fifth-story deck not considering the structural honor of the support pillars. Hoarding is also responsible for property damage and can be a valid reason for lease close as long as the tenant is mentally stable.


Illegal activity

When a tenant is committing a crime, it’s your responsibility to alert the police in advance. It’s true that drug dealers or people engaging in illegal activity are given very short grace. In some states, if a tenant is found peddling drugs or committing a crime you can evict them in less than 24 hours. Avoid harboring drug dealers or tenants trading in illegal trade because you are breaking the law.


End of lease

Every good thing has a beginning and an end. However, in some cases, you will come across tenants that don’t want to move out of your property when the lease expires. In simple terms, they want to become squatters. If the lease has come to an end or canceled with decent notice, then a tenant doesn’t have any right to maintain the dwelling. You can file an eviction in court to kick out such a tenant from your premises. The process might take between thirty to sixty days.


After serving your tenant with an eviction notice, you have to be patient for three to five weeks before the eviction takes place depending on the parties involved. On the flipside, if you want to speed up the process you can consider working with a Phoenix eviction specialist to do the job on your behalf. Learn more about selecting the top tenants to avoid dealing with the headache of eviction.…

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